EGM’s Funds are professionally managed investment programs designed for institutional and individual investors attracted to the potential income, stability, and capital appreciation available from high credit net leased commercial real estate.

EGM was established by Shelby E. L. Pruett, Chairman and CEO, to build on the success of Equity Capital Management (“ECM”), which was operated and co-founded by Mr. Pruett in 1999.  From inception through 2011, ECM sponsored a number of funds that invested in the same types of properties as EGM as well as the conversion and initial public offering of several of ECM’s investment funds  into a NYSE listed REIT, ECM Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE:  ECMR) of which Mr. Pruett was Chairman and CEO.  The assets comprising ECMR were successfully sold to a leading nationallyrecognized NYSE REIT prior to ECMR’s initial listing.  As a result of the preceding sale, prior ECM fund sales, and the pending sales of ECM’s remaining assets, ECM and its affiliates are terminating their operations.   The Private Investment Funds section summarizes certain information regarding the historical ECM funds.